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Cast Iron Heart Birdbath

Cast Iron Heart Birdbath

SKU: ME740060

This beautiful Heart Birdbath / Feeder from Satchville is made from durable cast iron in the shape of a heart with an ornamental bird sitting on the side. Its small size makes it ideal for use as a bird bath for smaller garden birds such as Sparrows, Tits, Robins and Wrens, or it can be used as a bird feeder. This makes a wonderful gift for a loved one and a much appreciated addition to the garden by our feathered friends.

It can also be used as a feed or water tray for squirrels and hedgehogs and is ideal for use in conjunction with our Hedgehog Bites.


Length: 17cm (6.5")
Width: 18cm (7")
Tray Depth: 4cm (1.5")
Overall Height: 9cm (3.5")

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